Global Real estate Insider is a World Property Guide LLC company brand.

Global Real Estate Insider is featuring industry professionals in entertainment and Real Estate Television Programs.

These TV Programs feature best places to go to content as well as real estate content that features Realtors, Property owners, Interior Designers, Contractors and more! These Programs reach buyers, sellers and real estate investors worldwide.

Currently there is an opportunity to be included in “California Briefing” (TV Show), that features best places to go as well as real estate and other interesting segments. Additional television programs will be released soon.

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Elite Marketing and Press plus Premium LLC Membership and Business Dealership.

  • Cost: INITIATION FEE $5,000.00 PLUS $500 MINIMUM.
  • The Premium LLC Membership is a type of partnership. It is not the sale of securities. Each Premium LLC Member is actively involved in the management of the business through voting and input based on their participation level. The Premium LLC membership includes, equity ownership and annual residual revenue sharing based on company earnings. It offers the opportunity for a limited amount of members to be part of a potentially 50 million dollar company.

The business dealership offers licensed dealers turnkey products and services to sell and offers full support, including:  Training, Marketing, Assistance and ongoing support.

Some of the dealership products include:

  • Home security camera and alarm systems, entertainment systems.
  • Solar power systems.  Complete installation services for home, business and government contracts are also offered.
  • Residual income services such as Internet hotspot and cell phone service are also offered in the dealership.
  • Marketing services through the dealership include:
    • product placement
    • Video Production Services
    • Website design
    • development, programming and cloud hosting on our web servers.


Premium Marketing and Press.

  • Cost:  $150.00
  • This includes Premium feature Placement in California Briefing.


Advanced Marketing and Press.

  • Cost:  $50.00
  • This includes increased placement in California Briefing.


Entry Level Marketing and Press. 

  • Cost:  Free
  • This includes:
  • Standard feature Placement in California Briefing (TV Show).

If you are a Realtor, Property owner, Interior Designer, Contractor or other type of Real estate professional that would like to be featured on National Television.

You‘re invited to register through the registration link at the top of this page.

Once you register you will be eligible to receive offers to be featured in television programs, as well as insider news, dealerships and other opportunities.

This is great media and press! It reaches a targeted local and global audience.

It may help to generate sales of your properties or services.